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September 28, 2015
by Camilla Brueton

Ladybird by Design: Postgraduate Pop Up Common Room

Text and images by Anastasia Kuchta, MA Publishing, LCC


The House of Illustration—next to CSM—housed the first PG Pop Up Common Room of the semester. Lawrence Zeegen—Professor of Illustration and Dean of the School of Design at LCC—conveyed both knowledge and passion as he spoke about his opus, Ladybird by Design.


Lawrence Zeegen talks to PG students

The afternoon began in a lecture space with its perimeter lined by display cabinets of Ladybird books. Series such as science and hobbies, people at work and nature and natural history, homogenously sized. Economically made from a single sheet of paper into a compelling format, Ladybird books were once in wide circulation and affordable to he masses—approximately £2 by today’s standard.

Ladybird books shaped generations, this year reaching their centenary. The logo was established in 1915, however, Zeegen focused on the 1960s—the golden years of Ladybird. Utilising illustration to show the safe and simple utopian world Ladybird books created for his generation, Zeegen highlighted the many subjects of Ladybird books. Continue Reading →

September 17, 2015
by Rachael Daniels

Isaac Julien, Chair of Global Art took 4 Postgrads to Venice!

Photographer: Gareth Johnson

Photographer: Gareth Johnson

Back in July this year an Open call went out in the PG Newsletter to UAL postgraduates to apply for a unique opportunity.  Professor Isaac Julien, Chair of Global Art at UAL invited students with fine art disciplines to work with him, and visit his work in the 56th Edition of Venice Biennale.

In August, four postgraduate students were selected – Claire Holdsworth (PhD Research, British Artists Film & Video), Mustafa Boga (MA Fine Art), Jérémie Magar (MA Fine Art) and Ernst Schlogelhofer (MA Photography).  Their journey began straight away with dedicated meetings with Isaac Julien at his London Studio with both himself and Mark Nash.  They went on to Venice at the beiginning of September for 3 days where they were given the opportunity to meet and speak with Okwui Enwezor – the Curator of the 56th Venice Biennale and had a carefully designed tour by Isaac Julien of selected works within the Biennale to enable the students to understand the curation and workings behind the works he highlighted.  They also met key figures from the art world and given opportunities to talk to them about the direction of their own work at UAL.

We also sent along a postgraduate alumni Film Maker called Gareth Johnson who is creating a short film of the project.  Once completed we will share with you in this newsletter – watch this space!

The lucky students had a an amazing time which has benefited each of their practices and their understanding of the art world and they have written a dedicated report on their experience to share with UAL’s postgraduate community – download it here:

Venice Report from Student Participants (PDF 1MB)

September 15, 2015
by Rachael Daniels

CSM MA Fine Art Students in collaborative print exhibition Brussels


PRINT! is an International Printmaking Project.  During September works by students and staff  from the International Printmaking Union and students from MA Fine Art Central Saint Martins (CSM) came together in a workshop setting to create work for an exhibition alongside other contemporary artists at Gallery 425 in Brussels.  The event highlighted a stage in the research network of the Printmaking Union who have plans for a further exhibition at Le Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimee, in La Louviere in 2018, and the development of an application for a Creative Europe partnership project.

The PRINT! Private View on Thursday evening 10th September  at La Cambre Gallery 425 in Brussels was very well attended on an evening that coincided with Brussels Art Days, the city wide event that marks the new season, with many private views happening simultaneously with international galleries close by there was a lively atmosphere.

The Printmaking Union is an international research initiative that creates knowledge and dialogue, its members include Printmaking, La Cambre Brussels,  MA Fine Art Central Saint Martins, MA Printmaking RCA, Printmaking Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp,  Printmaking Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig and R & D Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

The Private View on Thursday evening was followed by a  Masterclass and talk on the Friday 11th September with guest artist Christiane Baumgartner.

September 11, 2015
by Rachael Daniels

Magz Hall YSP Arts for the Environment Report


Photo Credit: Magz Hall, Tree Radio, Yorkshire Sculpure Park

Magz Hall (PhD student, London College of Communication) was successfully selected for the 2015 Yorkshire Sculpture Park Art for the Environment Residency Organised by Professor Lucy Orta.  Here is Magz’s Report on her experience of the residency opportunity:

This has been such a fantastic opportunity and so useful in terms of getting a full understanding of what is required for outside durational work of this type. YSP were extremely supportive of my tree radio project and it was hugely beneficial working with both the curator Nathalie and Simon from the tech team.

It was a very productive period and it proved to be quite a challenge installing electronic work outside without any hands on electronic guidance, which is something I would have really benefited from. The £300 budget was soon eaten away on a very simple set up of the installation, it’s clear more development time and funding is needed.

I have proved the installation works, and it was extremely gratifying to hear it broadcasting on 100 FM for the last weekend when a very clear signal was achieved at the site. The problem now is how to keep the tree transmitter dry in the long term. The resin I used in order to protect the circuit from the elements had the unfortunate side-effect of insulating it, preventing the circuit from fully working after it had dried, so perspex casing it is really the only option. The solar power seems to be resilient as were the sensors and resistance probes so far, although this all needs to be tried and tested over time. More tests are needed in order to find the optimum means to keep the transmitter dry and working full time.

You can see from the gallery on my blog how the work was set it up and how great the site is looking and sounding. What is needed now is time to reflect, test further and work out the best strategy to keep it going long term on the site and tweak the sound. The time I was there was very hands on and it would be really useful to have some further curational guidance from Helen on how to take the project and my practice forward.

I’m  looking forward to talking about my post digital practice and especially this project on the 24th Sept as part of a conference and live radio broadcast from the Brighton Digital Festival.

Photos  and onsite reflections from my time there are on my blog on these posts:








July 24, 2015
by Rachael Daniels

UAL Postgraduate Community & Resort Studios, Margate Present:

The Shed // Open Wide

IMG_0978 IMG_5195

Postgraduate Reporter: Nikita Singh and Postgraduate Photographer: Catherine Holmes

Resort Studios, a creative collective based in the Clifftonville area of Margate, only 2 years young, is already becoming best known for its commitment to Margate’s community and support of the town’s regeneration. UAL’s Postgraduate Community organised a Pop Up Common Room event with them back in March where an exciting residency opportunity was announced, Resort offering to provide their double sided project space for a week in June and the chance of some funding from UAL’s Postgraduate Student Communities Fund.

After careful consideration, two projects were selected with the brief of sharing the Project Space; The Shed and Open Wide.  The opportunity gave these young creatives from across disciplines and colleges, a chance to explore this seaside world, a new canvas to translate their found surroundings and create something collaboratively.

In June 2015, as torch bearers for a value oriented society, seven postgraduate students travelled to Margate.  In the bright English summer heat, they looked to explore co-creation with the help of the local community.

Whilst Rita Byon and Antony Shum creating The Shed sought to captivate their local audiences through the coming together of existing communities, sharing of stories and materials, the Open Wide team consisting of Ewelina Skowronska, Christine Harisson, Shuruti Sasi Vengatesh, AeLee Ko and Jezella Pigott; opened their eyes to Margate’s landscapes looking for what might not be obvious at first glance.

For both the projects, the aim was not just to seek inspiration from the town or the people but also to explore how creative practices can document a place.

Through their exploration, Open Wide presented what inspired them the most. They welcomed guests to the project space with a small representation of a ‘Chalk City’, made up of chalk pieces scavenged by the sea.  They also left traces of their interaction with people, their stories, and a hand drawn map on the floor (with chalk, of course!) turning the studio into a physical Zeitgeist of Margate.

IMG_0962 IMG_1057 IMG_1133 IMG_1137

Next door, in a beautiful sunlit room, were collections of very candid Kent, carefully placed upon a wooden structure.  Here, Rita Byon and Anthony Shum proudly introduced The Shed.  Rita described to us her experience of locals donating found doors and wood for the structure nearby.  With each exchange came tales of history and gratitude.

IMG_0950 IMG_0953 IMG_0997 IMG_1000

Margate is on the shores of reinvention, creatives are moving to the area by the bus load, enjoying the light that was highly regarded and painted by J.M.W Turner, The Turner Contemporary Gallery, newly reopened Dreamland, welcoming small businesses and cafes and of course the growing creative community supported by Resort Studios and many other champions in the town.

If anything could explain the outcome of the five day creative adventure, it would be the Italian artist, Alberto Giacometti’s words- “The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

Download the Open Wide Zine:  (PDF) open wide zine

IMG_0933 IMG_0939 IMG_1136 IMG_0985

Disiciplines collaborated: MA Illustration, MA Fine Art, MA Drawing, MA Communication Design

We are very grateful to Resort Studios for their hospitality and friendship

View the projects dedicated blogs:

The Shed: and

Open Wide: and

UAL PG Community

July 17, 2015
by Rachael Daniels

17 July 15: Student Report from recent trip to the Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015

Silvia Krupinska, a postgraduate student studying on the CSM MA Art and Science course reports on her recent trip to The Microscience Microscopy Congress – an opportunity advertised in this newsletter:
“I was pleased to see another great Postgraduate Community call earlier in June. I’m a big fan of Postgraduate Community’s trips and events, I often attend when I can. This time it was Professor Rob Kesseler, UAL Chair of Art, Design & Science who was proposing to take 10 students to The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015 in Manchester for free!! I’m studying on MA Art &Science, but my background is in art. This presented a perfect opportunity to see The Frieze Art Fair of microscopy, and an opportunity to engage with scientists and see their world. 
We arrived in Manchester on Wednesday midday, July 1st on a cool air-conditioned train, which, believe me, was much appreciated, as that was the hottest day of the year! After a short walk, observing the architecture we arrived at Manchester Central. The bustle of science minds had started. The exhibition hall was filled with top new microscopy inventions and leading experts in the fields. I wanted to just get a feel for such a place. My recent, The Rivers Project was my excuse to talk with the brainy scientists and listen to their “foreign” language. I explained why I was there and that I hoped to find a collaborator, to gain an insight to what’s hiding in a riverbed of a river I was studying at the time. When I failed to define a precise reason why I needed the microscopy to help me to progress my work, then I saw an exhibitor from France. You know that feeling when you can finally visualize your idea? Talking with them, ever so friendly as all the exhibitors, I knew this company might be helpful. We exchanged our business cards and now after a couple of emails, there seems to be a great chance we will collaborate on The Rivers Project. But even, if this doesn’t work out, the approachable attitude of the scientists there and all the thought-provoking chats we had, individually, or the whole group of us from UAL, was definitely worth it! You can be sure, I’ll keep looking out for more trip opportunities, even those out of my comfort zone!” 
– Silvia Krupinska
Check out more photos of the event here

July 14, 2015
by Rachael Daniels

11 Jun 15, CONFLUX Exhibition has opened

Friday 10 July 2015 saw the opening of the exhibition CONFLUX at The Electrician’s Shop in Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Partly funded by the UAL Postgraduate Student Community Fund.

CONFLUX is a planned exhibition founded by Wimbledon MA Fine Art students Rosemary Munro Kerr and Adam Burbidge which aims to showcase the most accomplished postgraduate fine artwork produced this academic year at the University of Arts London.

Exhibiting artists were chosen by a panel of  Goldsmiths postgraduate student curators and guest judges:

Goldsmiths University Postgraduate Curators:  Francesca Altamura, Tamar Clarke-Brown, Ashlee Conery, Samantha Lippett, Christian Lüebbert and Bar Yerushalmi.

Artists selected: Daniel Ayat, Gerard Carson, Juan Covelli, Jonathan Gordon, Samantha Harvey, Daphne Karstens, Bo-min Kim, Dávid Icko Kovács, Nicola Lorini, Judith Lyons, Rosemary Munro-Kerr, Marion Phillini, Dario Srbic, Susan Walker, Abigail Yue Wang,  Ruoru Wang and Dimitri Yin.

Visit the dedicated blog to learn more about project which is open until 7pm on 16th July 2015.

Photo Credit: Christian Lubbert

June 16, 2015
by Rachael Daniels

28 May 15, Review of the Enterprising Practice: Postgraduate Breakfast Event

16/06/2015 [Review by Marie James, PG from MA Innovation Management CSM 2014]

Enterprising Practice: Postgraduate Breakfast at CSM, 28 May 2015

YouTube Preview Image

To kick-start CSM’s first series of degree shows, members of the UAL Postgraduate Community were invited to attend a breakfast at the CSM Fine Art Programme shows (including MA Fine Art, MA Art & Science and MA Photography) led by the postgraduates themselves. Cath Caldwell and Alex Schady hosted the event[1] with the aim to showcase Fine Art students’ work, as well as their employable and enterprising skills, and to foster conversations about the various careers paths available to Fine Artists after they leave University.

We first had the opportunity to listen to a conversation between Fine Art Programme Leader Alex Schady and UAL Chair of Global Art and filmmaker Professor Isaac Julien, here they talked about the various career paths available to young artists after they leave University. We were then invited to have an exclusive tour of the shows led by the artists, during which we were invited to ask questions about their artistic practice, and the opportunities that were available to them to transform it into a career.

Here are some first-hand insights gleaned from the students and professors at the event, on what opportunities are available to young artists to transform their art into a career after graduation:

Alex Schady, Artist and Fine Art Programme Leader:       “One thing artists are really good at is taking new things on and finding new ways to navigate the maze. Today for young artists graduating from CSM, it is crucial to be flexible and open enough to be able to spot, seize and catch the opportunities that are available to them, even if they don’t seem to be related to their practise in the first place. Some of these opportunities can be life-changing. But, they have to be open enough to go for them. This is why within the Art Programme we make sure to link with practitioners and organisations in the creative industries and beyond who will send us employment, projects or grant opportunities that we’ll then forward to our students”.

Professor Isaac Julien, Artist and UAL Chair of Global Art:   “As a young postgraduate artist you have to make sure that your practice is aligned with some of the needs of the world. You have to be quite clear and strategic about your work. And you also have to make things work for yourself and make your own way through. When I graduated, with other graduates we formed a collective and a company to be able to sell our work and services as young artists. You have to be quite entrepreneurial and embrace a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude.”

Jared Vaughan Davis – Artist and 2015 graduate of CSM MA Art & Science. Jared also works as art director and project manager for various organisations in the creative industries and beyond:  ‘The great thing with the MA Art and Science course at CSM is that you are encouraged to push the boundaries of your own artistic discipline. You need to be open to practices that are outside your normal scope, in order to develop with them links that did not exist before. Throughout the course you also have the opportunity to work on a number of industry-led projects and develop skills and contacts that will nurture your career after graduation.”

Samuel Ivan Roberts – Multi-media artist and MA Art & Science 2015 graduate. Samuel has a background in cognitive neuroscience and abnormal psychology. He has had his own exhibitions at the Rag Factory, Truman brewery, Oxo Bargehouse and Chelsea Arts Club: “For my final project I have used a number of online platforms that are available to artists and people in general to crowd-source the materials that you can see in the exhibition. As artists, we have to harness the power of the crowds, ask people to collaborate, and make the most of the digital tools available to us that can support and enhance our practice”.

Tess Williams – Artist specialising in painting and MA Fine Art 2105 graduate. Tess has exhibited widely across London at galleries including The Griffin Gallery, Studio 1.1, Schwartz Gallery and recently had a solo show at Chelsea College of Art. In 2014 Tess was chosen to be part of UK Young Artists:  ‘Throughout the Masters, I understood the importance of being able to ‘put yourself out there’ as an artist, i.e. to go to a lot of events, talk to people about your work and ignite collaborations from there. The course has good links with the industry, and we are always presented with exciting opportunities like grants or collaborations on various projects. Also, with some other graduates from my year we are planning to set up a group to give each others feedback and work on projects together even after we finish University. We found that this collaborative practice is essential to develop our work”.

Hana Vojackova– Artist, CSM MA Photography 2015 graduate and winner of the Daniel Ford International Award for Innovation[2]. Hana has been exhibiting her work in various exhibitions around the country and has taken part in artist residencies:  “As an artist you have to be curious and open to new collaborations and ways of thinking. At CSM the building itself is just brilliant for that, as you have loads of opportunities to bump into other students, graduates, alumni and professionals with whom you may end up collaborating, or who will introduce you to other potential collaborators. I had some of my best encounters just by walking in the street at CSM or sitting in the canteen”.

Photo credit: Gareth Johnson & Marie James

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